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There are hundreds of pocket knives in Gerber’s line-up and choosing one as the best Gerber pocket knife would be an impossible task. There are so many factors to consider, let’s look at the top two. First is functionality, what is the main purpose of the best pocket knife for you. Second is cost, how much are you able to actually set aside for your tool.


There are so many pocket knives in Gerber’s line and you can bet there is one that is perfect for you. With a line so vast that ranges from simple folding pocket knives to multi-purpose ones, it will be wise to know what you need. For example, the Bear Grylls Pocket Tool model is considered by many as the best pocket knife for the avid outdoorsman. And if you are in need of a tactical one, the Propel Downrange AO would be the best for you. In the end, there is one specific for your need.


The next thing to take into consideration is your budget, Gerber’s line of pocket knives ranges from a couple of dollars to a few hundreds. So, how much can you lay down for yours? If you are an outdoorsman in a tight budget, the Bear Gryll Compact Scout Drop Point Serrated for US$18 is just right for you. And if you are the do-it-all guy with a few bucks to spare, the Gerber Crucial Black Multi-tool for US$50 might be the best pocket knife for you. But there are so many more very nice choices and it will be best to set your budget firmly. With Gerber’s vast line of pocket knives, choosing the right one for you will be a challenge. Consider functionality and your budget that is the best way to start. In closing, I believe the best Gerber pocket knife would be the one that does the job without cutting through your pocket. You should also get a pink pocket knife for your girlfriend.